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A pad is one of the defining elements of the print quality. 

We would like to help you with a great selection of different pads, hardness’, surfaces and sizes. Standard hardness of our pads are: 30; 24; 18; 14; 10; 6; 4; 2; and 1 shore "A". On request we can also supply pads with unique hardness.
The surface of our PYS pads are extra glossy, PY pads are semi-glossy.
We can also help you in selecting the right pad for your needs if you send us a sample and production data.
Thanks to our continuous development the selection of our pads are constantly expanding. Despite of the rapid development there are always printing tasks where the standard pads are not suitable. In this case, we can also produce unique pads according to your blue prints or samples. We can also design our own pads for you if we are given the necessary data from you.
We gladly wait for your order by e-mail. (hartcolor@hartcolor.com)



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Skype: hartcolor

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